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CTEK 800 Battery Charger

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  • Provides Automatic Four-Step "Smart" Charging
  • Will Never Overcharge Your Battery
  • Keeps Battery At Peak Performance
  • Ideal For Occasionally Driven Corvettes
  • Compact & Weatherproof For In-Car Mounting
  • Charges Lead Acid Batteries (Wet, MF, Gel & AGM) From 1-2Ah To 32Ah, 1.2-100Ah Maintenance Charging
You turn the key and nothing happens. Uh-oh, it's a dead battery. If your Corvette is reserved for "pleasure driving" it may not be ready to go when you are. Here's a safe and simple way to keep that from happening. Hook up a CTEK 800 Battery Charger available from Eckler's to ensure your Corvette provides you with pleasure not disappointment. CTEK makes "the smartest battery chargers in the world." To back up that claim, the 800 battery charger uses a fully automatic four-step charging process making it suitable for all types of 12-volt lead-acid batteries. The charging process efficiently brings the battery voltage up to a set level and then maintains it with pulse charges, increasing battery life and reliability. With a maximum output of 0.8 amps, the 800 battery charger is designed to maintain already-charged batteries. The 800 battery charger can be safely connected for months at a time making it ideal for seasonal vehicles. There's no need to disconnect the battery while charging since it will not harm vehicle electronics, produces minimal gas build-up, is splash and dust proof, double-insulated and has temperature protection to prevent the charger from overheating. A two-year manufacturer's warranty attests to the confidence CTEK has in their 800 battery charger. Supplied with two interchangeable connection leads, one has clamps and the other has eyelet terminals. The quick disconnect feature allows you to use the charger with the eyelet terminals bolted to your Corvette battery or connect the charger using the clamps to your other toys. The 800 battery charger is outdoor-approved and small enough to be permanently mounted next to your Corvette battery if you wish, using the convenient mounting holes. Low back-current drain means that without the power cord connected, the charger won't deplete the battery. For foolproof, simple and flexible battery charging and maintenance, the CTEK 800 battery charger from Eckler's is your top-of-the-line choice.

CTEK 800 Battery Charger

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Base Part Number 175419
Alt. # 50434
Brand Ctek

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