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Car Capsule, Length 18' x Width 78" x Height 68" For Outdoor Use

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  • Outdoor Use Evaporative Storage System Completely Isolates & Protects Your Corvette Year Round 
  • Safeguards Your Corvette Against Condensation, Mold, Mildew, Pests, Rust, Fingerprints, Dust & Dings
  • Eliminates Expense Of Desiccate Packets & Climate Controlled Storage
  • Durable 100% Nylon Zipper Will Never Damage Your Corvette's Paint
  • Made Of Tough 16 Mil PVC Which Is UV Stable, Cold Crack Flexible, & Safe For Use from --20°F to +158°F
  • Durable Radio Frequency Welded, Anti-Static, PVC Surface
  • Durable 18 Oz. Laminated Vinyl Basemat Resists Mold, Mildew, Flames, & Is Immune To Gas, Oil, & Antifreeze
  • Keeps Your Corvette Dry Year Round And Works All Climates, No Matter How Hot Or Humid
  • 12-V Twin Fans Generate 380 CFM For Constant Air Circulation, Costs About $3.50/Month To Run
  • Includes CarCapsule, Double Panel Fans, 110V Transformer, & Washable Filter
  • Setup & Inflation Takes Approximately 30 Minutes
  • Fits All 1953-2015 Corvette Coupes & Convertibles
  • Dimensions:  18'L x 76" W x 68" H
  • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Made In The USA
  • NOTE: CarCapsule Requires Approximately One Foot Of Additional Clearance On All Sides Of The Base. Include This When Measuring Space In Your Storage Location

Need to put your vehicle in long-term storage but don't have room inside your garage? Keep it safe and dry by sealing it up inside the CarCapsule Outdoor Vehicle Storage System. This ingenious inflatable car cover creates a protective bubble of air around your vehicle, blocking against dings, dust, rust, mildew and all the other elements that would turn your cherry ride into a restoration project. Constant circulation is the secret weapon that the CarCapsule Outdoor Storage uses to combat condensation, musty smells and rot. Its twin 380 CFM high-pressure fans pull in fresh air continuously, running it through charcoal filters before pumping it into your CarCapsule and, the energy-saving design of the 110V transformer powering the fans only costs pennies a month to run. From the dead of winter to the dog days of summer, the CarCapsule Outdoor Storage is rugged enough to survive the worst conditions all year round. The main body is made from 16 mil PVC that's UV stable, cold crack flexible and safe in temperatures from -20°F to +158°F. And, the 18 mil Herculite base is impervious to oil, gasoline and antifreeze. Better still, your CarCapsule Outside Storage comes with a 1-Year Warranty. Trust Eckler's Corvette for all your 1953-2015 Corvette restoration, accessory, and performance parts needs.


"We have carried the CarCapsule™ in our gift shop for almost a full year now and the product almost sells itself.  We have 200,000 people come through our lobby every year.  Everyone has to touch it and kids love to punch it.  Nothing hurts it, not even the abuse we give it taking it up and down several times a month when we change displays.  None of the cars that have been displayed in the Bubble have received any damage while in it.  They stay nice and clean too.  I can't say enough about this great product.  I don't know anyone who stores a vehicle who wouldn't love this."Andy Roderick - National Corvette Museum

"I took my 1970 Corvette out of hibernation today.  The car was spotless, dry, and no signs of rust or corrosion. The CarCapsule™ was in an un-heated shed with a packed sand floor. I put the car in on Christmas day (the day I got the CarCapsule™ as a gift) and has not been touched since today.  Thank you for providing a product that lives up to the promises made.  Talk about product satisfaction!" Scott Jenkins


  • The fan panel air intake should be located near an electrical source.
  • The surface should be as flat as possible.
  • The basemat should be located with all sides accessible to work the zipper.


  • Unroll basemat according to the placement instructions above with the tan side facing up.
  • Locate both zippers and unzip the top tan cover
  • toward the air intake panel.
  • Fold back the top toward the air intake exposing the basemat.
  • Pull the vehicle onto the basemat leaving equal distance on all sides. Be sure not to turn the steering wheel while on the basemat.
  • If the exhaust system is hot, let it cool before continuing to the next step.
  • Insert the fan panel into position & smooth out the velcro.
  • With the A/C adapter, push the male connector thru the small access hole located inside the air intake hood. Connect the male end to the female end of the fan motor.
  • Starting at the air intake end, carefully drape the top cover over the vehicle.
  • Zip the perimeter of the basemat together with both zippers until they meet in your preferred location.
  • Plug the 12V transformer into your power source and hold the fan upright until the bubble can support it. (the transformer is not designed to be submersed in water and is not water proof)
  • Once the capsule is completely inflated, place the white plastic support frame inside the intake hood, then attached the 2 filters to the velcro panel and secure underneath the air intake hood.
  • You may tie-down your bubble to prevent movement in the wind with the provided D-rings. Check out our setup video on YouTube


  • If the temperature is below 50 degrees, open the CarCapsule box and let sit at room temperature for 24 hours. This will make the setup much easier.
  • If your using the CarCapsule in extremely cold climates, inflate it in a warm area to help the bubble become pliable first, then relocate.


  • DO leave your windows down slightly for air flow to enter your Corvette.
  • DO leave your convertible top up.
  • DO NOT place any source of heat inside the capsule, not even a light bulb.


  • The CarCapsule will have a lot of wrinkles the first time out of the box. Inflate the capsule without the vehicle to work the wrinkles out.
  • Keep the air filter clean by hand washing it in warm water with mild dish soap or use an air hose. 3. If your CarCapsule become dirty or stained, use warm water and mild dish soap to clean. Rinse thoroughly.
  • When not in use, be sure the bubble is completely dry and store up off the floor in a dry, rodent free place.
  • Included in every Outdoor CarCapsule is a repair kit.
  • Clean the vicinity of the hole as wide as the patch to be used.
  • Apply the glue around the hole and then place the patch on the glue and hold firmly in place for a few minutes until it has sealed the area and allow to dry for a few hours before re- inflating.


Q. If I put my Corvette away wet, what will happen?

A. The CarCapsule™ is an evaporative system. The constant air change will evaporate all moisture in a matter of hours. This will prevent rust from the exterior parts while eliminating mold and mildew from the interior.

Q. Should I leave the windows up or down inside the CarCapsule™?

A. You should leave the windows either down all the way or at least half the way down. If you have a convertible the top should be put up so that it will not trap moisture in the compartment it is stored in. This will let the air circulate throughout the interior keeping it dry and odor free.

Q. How much room does the CarCapsule take up?

A. Once inflated the CarCapsule™ takes up about 1 foot on either side of your Corvette. The front and back depend on what size CarCapsule™ is used.

Q. What happens if I get a hole in it?

A. The upper shroud is made of 10 mil PVC. If you do happen to puncture the unit, use a piece of clear 100% PVC shipping tape. This will bond to the upper shroud and will not come off.

Q. What if the power goes out?

A. The cover will deflate and turn into a regular Corvette car cover. When the power returns it will re-inflate in a matter of minutes. Make sure the fan is not laying flat otherwise it will not inflate.

Q. If you are bringing in the air from the outside you are also bringing in the humidity from the outside. How does the vehicle stay dry?

A. The CarCapsule™ does not eliminate humidity it eliminates condensation. The fan exchanges the air by volume 3-4 times an hour. This constant air change and air flow does not allow hot air and cold masses to meet. This in turn eliminates condensation and keeps your Corvette completely dry no matter what the temperature or humidity level.

Q. Do you need to use another cover with the CarCapsule?

A. You do not need to use another cover with the CarCapsule™. This will only block air from circulating in the interior and might trap moisture.

Q. Can the CarCapsule be used for short-term storage?

A. The CarCapsule™ can be used for short-term, long-term or anything in between. It takes about the same time to use as a regular car cover except for the inflating of the unit. It takes a few minutes to get your Corvette out.

Q. Do you have to drain the gas tank or any other fluids before you put the vehicle away?

A. No, the basemat is impervious to gas, diesel, oil or antifreeze. You do not have to worry about these odors because the air is constantly changing.

Q. Do you have to use any dry packs or chemicals to keep the vehicle dry?

A. No, dry packs or chemicals are not needed. This is an evaporative system that uses air flow to prevent condensation. This enables you to take your vehicle in and out anytime you want without having to mess with chemicals or dry packs.

Q. Will the CarCapsule protect my vehicle from rodents?

A. We have had hundreds of customers tell us they have not had a problem with any kind of rodents chewing through the material.

Q. How long will the CarCapsule last?

A. The prototypes were built in 1988 and are still in use today. The fans have a rated lifetime of 3-5 years depending on conditions.

Car Capsule, Length 18' x Width 78" x Height 68" For Outdoor Use

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Alt. # 88-4549
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