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Eckler's Corvette Window Weatherstripping and Door Seals

Corvette Door Weatherstripping

When you're restoring a vintage Corvette, the weatherstripping usually isn't the first thing that comes to mind - but it's a hugely important task. We sell factory-fit Corvette rubber weatherstripping that makes the driving experience comfortable no matter what Vette you prefer. Windshield and door weatherstripping does more than prevent rain exposure in the interior. It also makes the cabin more temperature stable while reducing noise and vibrations.

If you need C5 Corvette weatherstripping, a C2 Corvette door seal strip or other types of gaskets, Eckler's Corvette has the correct items. Respected manufacturers, such as Metro Moulded SuperSoft, Parts Unlimited and Trim Parts, follow the original Corvette specifications while using modern materials and construction techniques. There are even weather seals directly from the GM restoration division.

Keep Weather Out of Your Corvette

By using high-quality weatherstripping, you can focus on the road ahead with fewer distractions. Browse our Corvette body seals and weatherstripping department for an assortment of protective seals. You can get complete restoration kits along with windshield seals, door bottom seal strips, headlight gaskets, Corvette convertible weatherstripping, inner fender splash shields, bumper kits and many other items.

Further guard the interior using console seals, glove box bumpers, steering column gaskets and windlace weatherstrips. These Corvette weather gaskets are made of either a rubber/plastic blend, a flexible polymer or silicone. Each one forms a tight seal between metal parts and is highly resistant to liquids.

To find the proper weatherstripping for your Corvette, enter the model year and trim information into the "Add My Vehicle" tool. You're guaranteed to get high-quality seals along with installation adhesive plus removal tools for the damaged strips. All our kits have a price match guarantee, and since more than 90% of them ship within 24 hours, you'll be able to finish your project quickly.

Weatherstripping - C6 (2005-2013)


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