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C4 Corvette Restoration Weatherstripping

Block rain, wind, engine noise and other unwanted intruders on your Sunday drives with factory-fit Corvette weatherstripping. The fourth-gen Corvette isn't immune to the dangers of Mother Nature. Body seals plug the gaps between metal and plastic parts, ensuring the outdoors doesn't intrude on the cabin, engine bay or trunk when you don't want it to. If your weatherstripping has worn out or you're rebuilding a project car, it's one of the most cost-effective investments you can make. Shop at Eckler's Corvette for a C4 weatherstripping kit that requires no trimming or other modifications to install.

Corvette C4 Weather Sealing

When you stop and think about it, there are a lot of places in a Corvette that need a good seal. We have all of them covered in an assortment of exterior weatherstripping kits. Order Corvette C4 window weatherstrip felts, body panel seals, convertible top weatherstrips, trunk seals, headlight gaskets and other plugs.

Most seals are made of EPDM rubber, a flexible synthetic material that is so effective, it's used for commercial roofing. Remember to seal the cracks on the inside with door windlace, steering column gaskets, roof bracket bumpers and other interior weatherstripping. Eckler's Corvette also sells weatherstripping remover, installation adhesive and a special protective lubricant that enhances the performance for the useful life of your car.

Care for Your Corvette

You can't always avoid getting caught in the rain at a show or when you're cruising - but you can prevent that storm from causing unnecessary damage. Find the correct 1984-96 Corvette weather stripping kit by using the "Add My Vehicle" tool, clicking on the search filters or emailing a service agent seven days a week. At Eckler's Corvette, you get a Price Match Guarantee and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Request a free catalog to see all of our C4 Corvette restoration products.