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Corvette Stingray C3 Suspension and Chassis

Harness the power of your third-generation Vette with the latest Corvette suspension and chassis parts from top brands. The unique shark-like look of the C3 Corvette is what catches people's eyes first - but owners know smooth driving performance will keep them looking once the engines start. Eckler's Corvette has partnered with ADDCO Sway Bars, KYB Shocks, Wilwood Disc Brakes, Van Steel and other manufacturers to offer the best selection of C3 Corvette frame, chassis and suspension components.

Perfect Your C3 Corvette Suspension

We here to make Corvettes handle the way they did off the factory floor - or better. Shop for a complete C3 Corvette suspension kit or get individual parts, such as coilover shocks, sway bars, trailing arms, strut rods and control arms. You can do an OEM replacement of the factory C3 brake system or upgrade to disc brakes and get premium hoses, pads and rotors. The steering system needs to be in great shape to control those new suspension parts, so order ball joints, Pitman arms, steering boxes and tie rods that help you make corners with ease.

The "Add My Vehicle" tool makes it easy to sift through our collection of more than 500 suspension parts. In seconds, you can find a Corvette Stingray 1969 coilover kit, 1976 Corvette Stingray disc brakes and other model-specific components. If you're new to chassis work, or automotive restoration in general, there's a library's worth of C3 Corvette how-to resources that will get you up to speed in the garage.

DIY Done Right

Whether you're working on a daily driver, show car, track day car or barn find, Eckler's Corvette is the first place to shop for chassis and suspension parts. We know it takes more than a great selection to keep customers coming back, so we also provide free tech support, fast shipping, risk-free returns and other perks to make your project go smoothly.