Healthy Headlights: Easy maintenance tips

We’re all used to wiping off our headlights to remove bugs and grime, but good headlight maintenance is a little more important than just visual appeal, it’s also important for your safety when driving at night, in the rain or fog. So before you pack up your classic car for your next road trip or club meet-up, check out our handy headlight maintenance checklist.

Don’t wait for your headlights to burn out
Many drivers never think of replacing their headlights until they actually burn out. When you see your headlights are starting to dim, it’s time to hurry up and replace them before they suddenly burn out on you completely. Tip: If you are swapping out one headlight, swap out the other at the same time.
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Choose better than average headlights
There are basic headlights and there are deluxe headlights. What do you choose? The better quality headlights usually have better visibility, more clarity, and whiter light for more contrast and visibility down the road.
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Consider using a restoration kit
If your headlights are foggy, cloudy and even a little yellow, a good DIY restoration kit can help remove that dull haze and restore brightness and clarity. These days the headlight restoration kits available often come with UV protection to prevent further damage from the sun.
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Consider replacing your headlights yourself
Even if you’re not handy with tools, replacing a headlight is actually pretty easy. Consider safety precautions and the tools you need, follow the instructions , and save yourself some money.
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