6 Tips to Help Extend the Life of your Battery

Batteries run out. It’s a simple fact. And when they do you need to replace them. Overcharging and extreme heat are usually the reasons your car battery life wasn’t as long as you would have expected it to be. When your battery is overheated the battery fluid evaporates. This can cause damage to the inside of the battery.

If you want to save money – and save yourself from being surprised with a dead battery when you’re on a road trip, here 6 tips to help you prolong the life of your battery:

  • A problem with the voltage regulator or other part of the charging system can result in too high of a charging rate.
  • Cold temperatures make engine oil thicken, which ultimately means the battery has to work harder when you try to start your car.
  • Keep the top of your battery spotless. Dirt and grime actually conduct and can drain your battery. And an unclean surface can lead to corrosion around the battery terminals, which can inhibit current flow.
  • Overcharging can damage your battery, and so can undercharging. So check the charging rate of your electrical system on a regular basis.
  • Need to top off your battery from time to time? Make sure you do it more often as the weather gets warmer.
  • Replace your battery if needed. Always choose a battery that is rated as high as your owner’s manual recommends.

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