8 Signs it’s time for an inspection.

Do we really need to tell you how important your brakes are? We didn’t think so. But we do think it’s always a good idea to help our friends know more about their car and how to prolong the life of your classic vehicle.

Your driving habits, the type of vehicle you drive, operating and driving conditions and even the type of brake lining material in your car can all affect how your brakes wear.

Should you inspect your brakes yourself or have it done by a professional? Let’s face it, most people really don’t have the skills to do a brake inspection, so have your brakes professionally inspected every year. In the meantime, here are some signs you should pay attention to which may indicate that you should take your car in for a brake inspection sooner than later.

  • Unexpected Sound. A sudden grind or other type of unfamiliar sound
  • Pulling. When applying the brakes does your car pull to one side?
  • Low Pedal. Does your pedal touch the floor or almost touch the floor before engaging?
  • Grabbing. Are your brakes super sensitive, grabbing when you lightly touch the pedal?
  • Vibrating. Can you feel your brake pedal vibrating or shimmying when you apply pressure?
  • Hard Pedal. Do you have to really press down on the brake pedal before it engages?
  • Brake Light. Is your brake light on or intermittently coming on? Shop Brake Lights
  • Odd Noises. Do you hear a squeal, screech, click, grind or other sound when you apply the brakes?

Brake pedals and Brakes wear out and in time you will need to replace them. This is normal. By keeping an eye out for what is NOT normal, you’ll prolong the life of your car and have a safer driving experience.

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