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When you're sitting in the cockpit of your Vette, the feeling is a little bit what it must like to sit at the controls as a test pilot or astronaut. Sitting in this land-based rocket of a car, you want all the switches you need close at hand to make it perform the way it was designed to. You also need a full complement of working gauges to keep tabs second by second on your car's performance and vital signs.

Gauging Vette Performance

Whether you're working on a restoration or simply want to upgrade your dash cluster, Eckler's Corvette stocks hundreds of Chevrolet Corvette gauges and clusters. These are available for all eight generations of Vette, from the C1 Corvette introduced in the 1953 model year to the C8 Corvette still rolling of the GM assembly line today.

Whether you are searching for 1976 Corvette gauges, a 1979 Corvette instrument cluster or another of these critical gauges, you can find what you need here quickly and easily. Best of all, these instruments are designed to fit and work right. Our buyers roam the world to ensure we obtain top-notch products from leading aftermarket manufacturers.

Top-of-the-World Performance and Looks

Our gauges and clusters will keep you on top of everything you need to know as you put your Vette through its paces. Keep an eye on our ammeters and battery gauges to make sure you won't become stranded with a dead battery in the boondocks. Our oil and fuel gauges will help ensure you aren't caught short with potentially disastrous consequences. Monitor our temperature gauges to forestall engine-killing overheating. Of course, driving a sports car like the Vette, you will want to keep an eye on your speed to see just how fast you are actually going, so we stock plenty of premium speedometers too.

Besides helping you monitor your Vette's speed and other operating conditions, these gauges and instrument clusters will make the interior of your car look better. That will impress passengers and show-goers while boosting its value. That's what we call a win-win.