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Corvette C2 Exhaust Components

Every breath your C2 engine takes will be cleaner and stronger when it has an Eckler's C2 Corvette exhaust system. Like every vehicle, the second-generation Corvette runs better when it has a good setup to vent exhaust gases from the cylinder head. We stock all the parts you need to repair an existing Corvette exhaust, replace the OEM system with a high-performance model or build your own exhaust from scratch. These exhaust parts are made by fellow industry leaders, such as Flowmaster, Borla Exhaust, Hooker, Dorman and Hedman Hedders.

1963-1967 Corvette Exhaust System

Dozens of exhaust components are available to match your C2 Corvette Stingray body style and engine. Visit the replacement exhaust system section to find a complete kit for a Corvette 427 exhaust or C2 327 small-block exhaust. There are axle-back, cat-back and header-back exhaust kits; each successive option provides more of a power boost but is also pricier. If your car has a factory side pipe exhaust, Eckler's can provide you with a C2 Corvette side exhaust kit that features beautiful stainless steel pipes.

Plenty of individual parts offer ways to do repairs or custom builds. Shop at Eckler's Corvette for C2 Corvette manifolds, tubing, headers, mufflers, gaskets, tips and many other components. Heat shields and high-temp paint prevent extreme temperatures from affecting the cockpit. Use the "Add My Vehicle" tool or Generations filter to see the parts that fit.

Energize Your Corvette Pipes

We've been assisting DIY Corvette enthusiasts with their restorations and performance work since 1961. At Eckler's Corvette, exhaust system parts have a price match guarantee and free expert tech support. The Pit Stop Blog has free resource articles about C2 Corvette exhausts, such as this article about identifying the casting date of your manifold. Your new parts will almost always ship within 24 hours of placing your order.