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Oil Pans and Related

Oil Pans for Corvette Engines & Transmissions

Corvette Engine Oil Pans and Accessories

No matter how good the oil is that you put in your engine, it'll flow right back out if you don't have a good oil pan. Our selection of Corvette oil pans is ideal for restoration projects and rebuilds. Eckler's Corvette has authentic GM parts, plus leading brands such as Mr. Gasket and ProForm. We know you need an OEM-fit powerplant and transmission combination under your hood and we're happy to provide it with a price match guarantee.

Factory-Fit Oil Pans for Corvettes

If your pan has rusted out or been punctured, it's time to replace. Shop a variety of pans based on your vehicle's needs. We can set you up with a C4 Corvette oil pan for the LT1 engine, reservoirs that meet the Chevy 427 oil capacity, a 1978 Corvette small block oil pan and much more. If your Corvette has a specific type of oil pan for automatic transmissions or a cool factory finish, we carry that, too.

While you're here, order all the Corvette oil pan hardware you need. Eckler's stocks drain plugs and washers in many sizes. This includes magnetic Corvette oil drain plugs that capture metal debris your filter may have missed. Install your new pan with the appropriate gasket sets, bolt kits, reinforcement brackets and windage tray studs. By getting new hardware instead of trying to reuse the old hardware, you'll extend the life of the powerplant.

Keep Your Engine Lubricated

Oil is absolutely crucial for a well-running Corvettes, and with a high-quality oil pan, you'll make sure oil is in good supply. Finding the proper pan is easy when you filter by Generation or use the Add My Vehicle tool. If you have questions about fit or need a part you don't see online, call the Eckler's tech team Monday through Friday. We're committed to customer satisfaction on every order.