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Best Electric Car Fan for a Corvette

Corvette Electric Radiator Cooling Fan Kits

When you're going full-throttle, an electric fan from Eckler's Corvette will help you keep the pedal to the metal. Generating a lot of horsepower also creates a lot of heat, and sometimes, the radiator alone isn't enough to cool the engine down to a safe level. This is especially true for Corvette track day enthusiasts who have installed performance engine parts or taped up the grill to improve aerodynamics. Adding one of these electric cooling fans will blow more air over the radiator fins to dissipate more heat. You can also add them to an oil or transmission cooler.

Electric Fans That Cool Your Motor

As an authorized dealer of top performance brands such as Proform, DeWitt Radiators and Flexalite Engine Fans, we offer the best electric cooling fan selection for Corvette owners. Since these fans are electric rather than engine-driven, drivers can turn them on or off as needed to save current for other tasks. Our universal radiator fans come in many styles and sizes, including circular 10-inch cooling fans, 16-inch S-blade fans and square fans. Model-specific replacement Corvette fans are also available with a pristine aluminum or chrome finish.

Those who are sporting big-block engines, custom header-back exhausts, turbochargers and other advanced tech should consider a high-performance electric fan kit or dual-fan kit. The extra airflow will prevent warped cylinder heads, seized valves and other overheating symptoms. Some of our high-performance fans have an adjustable thermostat to set the temperature you want to maintain. Others have the Chevy Bowtie logo proudly emblazoned for shoe display.

Keep Engine Air Flowing

Eckler's Corvette is a one-stop shop for rugged electric cooling fans along with mounting hardware and installation accessories. If you have questions or don't see the fan you're looking for, email our sales specialists seven days a week. We're committed to customer satisfaction and can track down a perfect match from our industry-leading supplier network.