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Ignition Shields and Brackets

Ignition Shield Corvette - Corvette Ignition Bracket

Corvette Ignition Shields & Mounting Brackets

Make sure your ignition does its job and doesn't interfere with other functions by using the right parts from Eckler's Corvette. Although ignition shield brackets don't necessarily make the system spark any faster or harder, they still play an important role in a vehicle's performance. Corvette ignition harness shielding prevents the frequencies it generates from interfering with the radio, alternator and other electrical parts. By using proper shielding, you won't have to listen to pops or cracks instead of your favorite tunes. These reproduction Corvette ignition shields allow for a proper restoration that adds authenticity, value and a better listening experience.

Corvette Ignition System Accessories

Enjoy the best engine firing and in-car audio by getting our OEM-style replacement Corvette ignition shields and support brackets. We carry complete Corvette ignition shielding kits along with individual brackets to shield the coil, spark plugs and wiring harness. The brackets come in many shapes and sizes to fit within the engine bay. You can get long vertical brackets, curved horizontal brackets, upper MSD box mount brackets and many others made of original-gauge metal. There are even special ignition shield brackets for Corvettes with fuel injection, big-block engines, U-65 AM radios and other special features.

Ignite Your Driving Passion at Eckler's Corvette

We've made it easy to search for 1964 Corvette ignition shielding and other year- and trim-specific brackets. Just click on the correct Generations filer or enter your car's specs into the "Add My Vehicle" tool. We'll make sure the ignition is only causing combustion for the engine and not your temper. Pair this upgraded shielding with an aftermarket Corvette stereo system and enjoy some music to your ears whenever you take the wheel. Eckler's Corvette has a Price Match Guarantee and risk-free returns on all our authentic Corvette restoration parts.