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Battery Cables and Related

Corvette Car Battery Cable Kits & Accessories

Corvette Battery Cable Replacement

Send your battery's current anywhere it needs to go with a premium car battery wire from Eckler's Corvette. The cables attached to the terminals are what deliver power to the alternator, onboard computer, ignition system, radio and other electrical parts. Without good cables, your plans for the day will be a non-starter. If you've noticed trouble cranking the engine, frequent stalling and dim lighting that a jump-start won't fix, the problem could be as simple as a bad cable. We sell genuine GM restoration Corvette battery cables along with reproduction and performance cables from Lectric Limited, American Autowire, Standard Motor Products and other licensed manufacturers to get electricity flowing again.

Reproduction Battery Cables & Accessories

We sell an assortment of positive and negative battery cables for Corvettes. The red positive cable connects from the battery terminal to the starter motor or on-board computer depending on how the vehicle is designed. The negative cable - which is also known as the battery ground cable or ground strap - is a black-encased wire connecting to a grounding point on the chassis. You can purchase these cables together for a restoration or separately for repair projects. If you want to fix existing cables or build custom wiring, get the Build a Battery Side Terminal Battery Cable Kit. It includes the terminals, plated bolts and molded covers for finishing the ends of your cables.

Electric Corvette Connections

Many types of battery cables are available depending on whether your Corvette has an automatic or manual transmission, air conditioning and other electricity-demanding features. To set the right cables for your stock setup, enter the information into the "Add My Vehicle" tool. This and the Generations search filter can show you factory-fit '85 Corvette battery cables, 1977 Corvette battery ground cables and other model-specific products in seconds. We also carry junction blocks, retaining clips and other accessories needed for installation. Shop at Eckler's Corvette to get a low-price guarantee and fast shipping.