Power Chips

Corvette C6 Tuning Chip - C7 Corvette Performance Chip

Corvette Performance Chips

Unlock power that's been lying dormant in your car by getting a power Corvette chip from Eckler's Corvette. Power chips, also known as performance chips or super chips, - are one of the easiest ways to make your car faster. The GM factory chips installed in Corvettes beginning with the C3 are tuned for the "average driver," prioritizing efficiency and drivability over horsepower and torque. Corvette chip tuning overrides these settings, adjusting the engine parameters to improve performance without sacrificing reliability. In some cases, adding a chip can even increase fuel mileage to go with the power and acceleration gains.

Corvette Power Tuning

Eckler's Corvette sells dozens of Hypertech Power Corvette chips to let the beast out of your engine. The C4 Corvette aftermarket ECU chip and C5 Corvette performance chip are especially effective, but there are chips for any Vette with an onboard computer. These Corvette chip tuners are specific to the model year, engine and transmission.

For example, our 1981-94 Corvette Hypertech section has separate chips for the 350 LTI, Crossfire and TPI engines since they have different tuning needs. Automatic and standard transmissions also require separate chips - and having four or six speeds is also a factor. The Hypertech experts have learned the DNA of the Corvette and precisely engineer each chip to maximize performance from the stock setup.

A Simple Way to Gain

Corvette chip programming is the easy and fast DIY alternative to using an ECU module. It takes just 15 minutes to add up to 20 horsepower without a single other modification. Plug your car's information into the "Add My Vehicle" tool and we'll show you the chip (or chips) that are harmonized to that Corvette. Eckler's Corvette has a price match guarantee that makes power chip tuning affordable. Check out our other Corvette ECM products to satisfy your need for speed.