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Convertible Top Care Kit Part # 25-253926-1
Originally developed by Autosol of Germany for BMW, this kit will protect and preserve your costly canvas top from weather as harsh as northern Europe winters. A two-step process first cleans and deposits a powerful ultraviolet inhibitor then the water-proofer will extend the life of your top and improve color retention. The kit also contains non-abrasive plastic cleaner/polisher to help prevent hazing and yellowing of rear windows. Learn More
$64.99 ea.
Autosol Metal Polish Part # 25-253923-1
Bring out the shine and luster in aluminum, copper, magnesium, and brass with this polishing paste. Goes on and comes off quickly and easily. Let Autosol polish add new sparkle to your car. 75 ml Learn More
$9.99 ea.
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