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Car Covers and Related

Odds are you've invested a lot of time and money in your Vette. The least you can do is protect your investment with a quality car cover.

Eckler's Has Got You Covered

Ecker's Corvette can help you out. Our inventory of hundreds of Chevrolet Corvette car covers and protection products has you and your car covered.

Whether you are looking for a 1974 Corvette car cover, a 1975 Corvette cover, a 1978 Corvette car cover or another year, you can find it here. That's because we carry Vette covers for all eight generations running from this thoroughly American muscle car's introduction in 1953 to the current lineup of 2022 mid-engine. Stingrays rolling off GM's assembly line. You will find everything you need here to protect your prized possession from weather and the environment so it will keep looking beautiful.

Exact Fit

Because they are made with each year and model in mind, Eckler's car covers will fit your Vette like a glove. For long-time storage solutions, check out our top-of-the-line WeatherShield HD car covers. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these covers dry quickly and provide outstanding protection from water and the sun's UV rays as well as dust, debris and dirt. These covers are particularly suitable for coastal areas with lots of sun. They are a great choice for snowbirds who store their Vettes in places like the Sunshine State.

For emergency use, check out our disposable car covers. Handy for protecting your car from sudden squalls, at overnight at car shows or from bird droppings and tree sap when parked outdoors, these affordable covers are lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. They can be used several times and then thrown away.

You'll also discover plenty of car cover accessories when you browse these pages. Products include bags to carry and stow your Vette car cover as cables and locks to keep your cover in place on windy days. They also can prevent bad guys and mischief makers from stealing your cover when no one's around.