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C2 Corvette Parts

        The second generation Corvette, the C2 Corvette, had a short, five year production run from 1963 – 1967. Though a shorter run, Chevrolet was enjoying increasing demand for America’s hottest sports car and yearly production vehicles were in excess of 20,000 units per year. For many discerning enthusiasts, the '63 to '67 Corvettes are the most compelling of the series.

        The "midyear" Corvettes aren't so much beautiful as they are provocative. One of the first changes in the C2 lineup was the introduction of the hard top, coupe model where previous generations had only been available as a convertible. Ironically, in comparison to today’s vehicles, coupe versions were actually more expensive. From a design and styling perspective the model was called a Sting Ray though it more closely resembled a shark with its gill-like fins integrated into the front fenders. The new coupe also had a curved rear window that wrapped around from the sloping roof to the rear fenders. The first year was a “split window”, 2 rear panels separated by a center bar, but every year thereafter had a single piece of glass. The look was unmistakable. The uniqueness of the split window makes the 1963 coupe a highly sought after model.

        From a performance standpoint the C2 Corvette’s development was furthered with the addition of such enhancements as 4 wheel disc brakes, and a new 396 cu in big-block V8 engine in addition to the 327 cu. In. small-block V8. Motor Trend raved about the '63 Corvette powered by the fuel-injected engine and backed by the Muncie four-speed transmission. "We thought the old model cornered darn well," wrote the magazine, "but there's no comparing it to this new one. It does take a little different technique, but once the driver gets onto it, it's beautiful." Before the production run ended, Chevrolet introduced the new 427 cu. in. big-block V8 in 1966. Various other performance add-on options were available, such as the Holley Tri-power carburetor, that would further increase the already impressive horsepower.

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