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Erin go braless! For some, it may feel liberating to go without a mask or bra. But if you are a Vette owner, strapping a mask or bra to the front of your car will save you a lot of headaches and keep your supercar looking super. These products are a must to protect your steed's nose from gravel and other debris that can leave behind ugly dents, dings and scratches. A small investment in a Corvette bra or front-end mask will pay big dividends over time in a better-looking ride for years to come. Your wallet will also appreciate fewer visits to the body shop or, if you are a DIYer, lower outlays for paint and repair materials.

Multi-Generational Masks and Bras

Eckler's Corvette carries an extensive lineup of Corvette front end masks and bras. Whether you are searching for a top-notch C4 Corvette bra or a premium front-end mask for any other generation, you can find exactly the right fit here. Our inventory reaches back to the 1953 model year, when the first generation of C1 Corvettes began rolling off the GM assembly line, to the C7 Corvettes produced from 2014 to 2019.

These bras and front-end masks are carefully designed and constructed to fit the front end of your Vette perfectly. Made of durable materials like vinyl, they are lined with super-soft backing to avoid scratching your Vette's paint job.

A variety of colors is available so you can choose your look. Installation is a cinch. Some of our nose masks are unflappable at speeds of up to 150 mph.

In addition to bras and front-end masks, we carry smaller items to cover and protect other parts of your car. These include mirror bras to protect your Corvette sideview mirrors from road rash.

Front End Masks and Bras

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