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Radio Refurbishing Service

Eckler's Corvette Antique Radio Repair Service

Corvette Radio Refurbishing Services

Listen to music just as when your Corvette rolled off the showroom floor by signing up for Eckler's Corvette vintage radio repair. To do a truly authentic Corvette restoration, you want to use as many original parts as possible. However, the radios in many old Corvettes suffer from dirty heads, electronic short-outs and other problems. We offer professional Corvette radio refurbishment that gets your stereo working like new. These services are backed by a one-year warranty, so let us repair your vintage radio and get back to some great tunes.

Corvette Antique Radio Restoration

Eckler's Restoration Services can perform a variety of repairs and upgrades. Our C4 Corvette radio repair services include cleaning all switches and controls, fixing any broken functions and repairing or replacing the cassette. If any additional services are needed, such as a new face place, we will contact you first for approval. You also can get the stereo head unit/receiver refurbished separately or ask us to rebuild the amplifier to factory specs. This is a common issue in older vehicles, and or vintage radio restoration saves you from needing to purchase a new speaker/amp enclosure.

If you want modern performance from a classic radio, we can do that, too. The Eckler's Corvette AM/FM Analog Radio Upgrade Service will convert an older radio to present-day circuitry, eliminating obsolete tubes, transistors and transformers. We'll even add auxiliary input jacks to connect your CD player, iPod or other external media player, letting Corvette owners enjoy their most recent playlist.

Best Radio Repair

A great soundtrack will take any drive to the next level, and at Eckler's Corvette, we make it possible to enjoy that soundtrack while maintaining the original interior look and factory radio layout. Just fill out the service form, send us the parts you need refurbished and let us do the rest. We've been the Corvette DIY leader since 1961 with the best parts and service.