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Search Term: 'All Parts'
Category: 'Parts'
Vehicle: '2001 CORVETTE'
Generation: C5 Corvette Parts
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1997-2019 Corvette Cags "Skip Shift" Plug Seal Set Manual Part # 25-107692-1
Eliminates Annoying Low Speed 1st To 4th Gear C.A.G.S. On Factory Manual Transmissions Installs In Minutes With No Modifications Required Requires A Lift Or A Floor Jack & Jack Stands For Installation Caps Ends Of Disconnected C.A.G.S. Harness & Prevents Fouling / Corrosion Enables Re-Hookup & Won't Cause Service Engine Soon Lights Made In The USA The first thing you notice after driving your manual equipped C5, C6, or C7 is your transmission forces you to shift from first to fourth gear at low speeds or at certain rpm's. This is known as C.A.G.S. or computer aided gear selector.  GM has been installing these on manual equipped Corvettes since 1989...and it's annoyed owners ever since.  The main reason for this is to improve the average fuel economy of Corvettes to avoid the gas guzzler tax.  As good as the mileage is on your Vette, it's a sports car first.   Eckler's Corvette offers this ingenious C.A.G.S. skip shift eliminator to get rid of the dreaded 1st to 4th forced shift once and for all.  All you need is access to a lift or jack stands and a floor jack.  Simply disconnect the C.A.G.S. harness from the driver's side of the transmission (it's the top connector).  Then, just plug our skip shift eliminator into between the factory harness and that's it!  No more forced shifts and no check engine soon lights! This is a MUST have accessory for anyone with a manual transmission equipped 1997-2019 manual transmission Corvette and they are the ideal companion to our short throw shifters and our cool touch shift knobs. Learn More

Was: $24.99 Set

Now: $19.99 Set

Corvette K&N Hose Cover Kit Universal Stainless Steel With Chrome Clamps Part # 25-102806-1
Easy To Install Economical Kit Includes Flexible Sleeve And Fittings For Vacuum/Fuel Lines And Heater/Radiator Hoses. Simply Slip The Sleeve Over Your Hose Or Line, Cut To Length And Secure With Clamp Kit Includes:   3 Ft. Vacuum Hose Sleeving   4 Ft. Fuel Hose Sleeving   4.5 Ft. Radiator Hose Sleeving   12 Ft. Heater Hose Sleeving   (2) Vacuum Hose Clamps   (2) Fuel Hose Clamps   (2) Radiator Hose Clamps   (4) Heater Hose Clamps Learn More
$64.99 Kit
Corvette Taillight Louver Set, Chrome, 1997-2004 Part # 25-128147-1
Triple Chrome Plated Die-Cast Aluminum Includes 4 Louvers & Brake Light Bezel Louvers Mount With Supplied Screws/Bezel Mounts With Two-Sided Tape The rear bumper of your Corvette will come alive with this brilliant chrome plated taillight louver set from Eckler's. The set installs in minutes and is an ideal way to enhance your Corvette without making it look gaudy. This taillight louver set attaches with a combination of supplied chrome screws and hi-strength double-sided tape. Enhance the look of your Corvette today with a Chrome Taillight Louver Set from Eckler's. Learn More
$96.99 Set
Corvette K&N Hose Cover Kit Universal Stainless Steel With Red Clamps Part # 25-102805-1
Easy To Install Economical Kit Includes Flexible Sleeve And Fittings For Vacuum/Fuel Lines And Heater/Radiator Hoses. Simply Slip The Sleeve Over Your Hose Or Line, Cut To Length And Secure With Clamp.   Kit Includes:    3 Ft. Vacuum Hose Sleeving  4 Ft. Fuel Hose Sleeving  4.5 Ft. Radiator Hose Sleeving  12 Ft. Heater Hose Sleeving  (2) Vacuum Hose Clamps  (2) Fuel Hose Clamps  (2) Radiator Hose Clamps  (4) Heater Hose Clamps Learn More
$64.99 Kit
Corvette Electric Fan Relay And Thermostat Kit Part # 25-288628-1
Universal kit for multiple applications 50 Amp Works on all after market electric fans On at 185 degrees  and off at 170 degrees Includes enough wire for dual fans Electric fan kit turns on at 185 degress and off at 170 degrees. Instructions are included along with wiring connectors, Thermo-sensor, pipe thread adapter, relay and circuit breaker. This kit will handle up to 50 amps and includes the extra wire for operating dual fans. Learn More
$105.99 Kit
1997-2004 Corvette Sport Seat Foam Set Part # 25-111384-1
6-Piece Set    Inlcudes Backs, Bottoms and Bolsters  Reproduction  Makes the seat covers fit properly Fits All 1997-04 Except Z06 Made In The USA    1-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty After years of use, the seat foam in your C5 Corvette interior will begin to decay. You may notice that the foam either disintegrates, compresses, or possibly both, rendering it unable to support you comfortably. More importantly, it will not hold the crisp, good looking lines of your seat covers. Ecklers Corvette is proud to offer this new reproduction interior seat foam, matching factory specifications and replacing your compressed and decayed foam. Our high density seat foam is sourced from the world's leading manufacturers in seat foam technology, promising to be firm and form fitting through its inner web backing. This new seat foam for your C5 Corvette will revitalize your seats, giving them new strength and preventing spring intrusion. Imagine your seats looking and feeling like new again. Now you can stop imagining and actually make it happen. Trust Ecklers Corvette for all of your restoration and replacement needs. Learn More

Was: $499.99 Set

Now: $334.99 Set

Corvette K&N Hose Cover Kit Universal Stainless Steel With Red And Blue Clamps Part # 25-257145-1
Easy To Install #304 Stainless Steel Sleeving Economical Kit Includes Flexible Sleeve And Fittings For Vacuum/Fuel Lines And Heater/Radiator Hoses. Simply Slip The Sleeve Over Your Hose Or Line, Cut To Length And Secure With Clamp Kit Includes:    3 Ft. Vacuum Hose Sleeving    4 Ft. Fuel Hose Sleeving    4.5 Ft. Radiator Hose Sleeving    12 Ft. Heater Hose Sleeving    (2) Vacuum Hose Clamps    (2) Fuel Hose Clamps    (2) Radiator Hose Clamps    (4) Heater Hose Clamps Learn More
$64.99 Kit
Corvette K&N Hose Cover Kit Universal Stainless Steel With Blue Clamps Part # 25-102804-1
Easy To Install Economical Kit Includes Flexible Sleeve And Fittings For Vacuum/Fuel Lines And Heater/Radiator Hoses. Simply Slip The Sleeve Over Your Hose Or Line, Cut To Length And Secure With Clamp Kit Includes:    3 Ft. Vacuum Hose Sleeving   4 Ft. Fuel Hose Sleeving   4.5 Ft. Radiator Hose Sleeving   12 Ft. Heater Hose Sleeving   (2) Vacuum Hose Clamps   (2) Fuel Hose Clamps   (2) Radiator Hose Clamps   (4) Heater Hose Clamps Learn More
$64.99 Kit
1997-2004 Corvette Automatic Shift Indicator Repair Kit With Lens And Pointer Part # 25-343813-1
Replaces Burned, Damaged, Discolored Shift Indicator Lens Places Bulb Further Away From Lens To Prevent Melting Or Burning Includes New Lens & Pointer Not Available From GM 1997-2013 C5 and C6 Corvette owners with automatic transmissions know there's a problem with the factory shift indicator lens. It's too close to the bulb so it overheats and can melt or discolor. Eckler's Corvette offers more than a new replacement so it can happen again...we offer a real solution. Our repair kit includes a new lens and pointer but the difference is we place the lens further away from the bulb so it won't melt the lens. Learn More
$28.99 ea.
1997-2004 Corvette Braided Brake Hose Set Stainless Steel Part # 25-110212-1
Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel D.O.T. Compliant Race-Proven & Street Legal Harder & Firmer Brake Pedal Greater Heat Resistance Direct Bolt-On Application Shorter Stopping Distances 2-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty Made In The USA Every time you apply the brakes on your Corvette, the factory rubber hoses expand under hydraulic pressure. Even a small amount of expansion is enough to make the pedal seem soft. These upgraded DOT approved stainless brake hoses, from Eckler's Corvette, will give you more confidence by delivering a faster response time and a firmer pedal.  Since they have the correct fittings, they install just like your factory hoses without cutting or modifications.  The Teflon lining is compatible with any brake fluid you choose from stock replacement, silicone, high performance, or full race brake fluid.  And, because they are stainless steel, they won't corrode, rust, or breakdown like regular rubber hydraulic brake hoses.  Trust Eckler's Corvette for all your performance, accessory, and restoration needs. Learn More
$143.99 Set
1997-2004 Corvette Rocker Panel Repair Kit Part # 25-114264-1
Precision Fit - Heavily Reinforced Molds Adapted From Original GM Panels & Cured 24 Hours Unequalled Finish - Finest Resins, 3 Layers Of 3.5 Oz Mat, 21 Mils Soft Sanding Gel Coat Premium Quality - Our Hand Rolled Process Is Stronger & Free Of Bubbles & Waves Superior Strength - Proper Reinforcements Provide Long Term Durability Save Time & Money - Precision Trimming Minimizes Prep Eckler's Select Series - Premium Quality You Can Trust Made In The USA NOTE:  Fiberglass Panels Require Fitting, Trimming, Shimming, And Special Finishing.  Unless You Are Experienced In Working With Fiberglass, Eckler’s Recommends Using A Qualified Body Shop.  Eckler's Offer The Most Complete Line Of  Fiberglass Repair Materials  As Well As Professional Fiberglass Prepping And Finishing DVD's - Volume 1 P/N 158397    and Volume 2 P/N  158396. Our DVD's Are Loaded With Helpful Fiberglass Prepping And Finishing Tips That Will Help You Finish Your Project Right.   At first glance, all aftermarket Corvette fiberglass body panels may look the same. During the 1980's and 1990's, several aftermarket companies tried reproducing replacement body panels for America's favorite sports car. However, many short cuts were taken to save costs. The end result were body panels full of air bubbles and waves. The amount of prep work required was time consuming and frustrating for body shops and expensive for consumers. Even worse, these fiberglass body panels didn't have reinforcements so long term durability was compromised. That may be fine for a race car but definitely not OK for a driver, show car, or investment. Those were the 1980's and 1990's and definitely NEVER the case at Eckler's Corvette. Body shops and do-it-yourself enthusiasts have trusted Eckler's Corvette as their #1 fiberglass source since 1965. They've tried other brands that just don't measure up to Eckler's Corvette in quality, durability, fit, and finish. Eckler's Corvette has invested heavily in research and development, manufacturing processes, and quality control techniques. The result is the finest quality fiberglass body panels that fit right the first time and with minimal prep work required. Eckler's Corvette fiberglass body panels are painstakingly reproduced from the original GM body panels. Eckler's Corvette overbuilds every fiberglass mold with heavy reinforcements to ensure consistent quality and a superior fit. They are NOT built using a chopper gun as with cheaper imitations. Eckler's Corvette utilizes only the best automotive grade resins with 3 layers of 3.5 ounces of mat and 21 mils of soft sanding gel coat. Eckler's superior hand-rolled fiberglass process eliminates troublesome bubbles and frustrating waves. Eckler's body panels are precision trimmed and drilled to eliminate fitment issues. All of this eliminates hassles, frustrations, and disappointments while saving you valuable time and money. Do it right the first time and insist on only the best fiberglass for your Corvette by demanding Eckler's Corvette fiberglass. Learn More
$54.99 Kit
1997-2004 Corvette Mirror Taillight And License Plate Louver Set Chrome Acrylic Part # 25-111850-1
Mounts With Existing Hardware, Self-Adhesive Tape & Supplied hardware License Screw Button Covers Included Learn More
$134.99 Set
1997-2013 Corvette AC Delco Spark Plug Set 41-985 Iridium Part # 25-114679-1
Stock Replacement Cuts Radio Noise Fits 1997-04 LS1, LS6 Fits 2005-11 LS2, LS3 NOTE: ACDelco Spart plug 41-985 has been replaced with 41-110.ACDelco has a "totally correct" spark plug for your Corvette's engine. Sure, others work, but none will perfectly complement the ignition system. ACDelco spark plugs are designed to achieve the optimum in engine performance when used in connection with ACDelco's total ignition system. In fact, the spark plugs even use a special resistance in the plug just for your engine so that radio interference is minimized. Insist on genuine ACDelco spark plugs. Learn More
$89.99 Set
1997-2004 Corvette Gas & Dead Pedal Set, Aluminum Part # 25-114602-1
Matches Factory Brake & Clutch Pedals Gas Pedal Bolts On/Dead Pedal Attaches On Top Of Factory Pedal With Double-Sided Tape Learn More
$19.99 Set
1997-2004 Corvette American Car Craft Tailight Trim Ring Set Part # 25-297190-1
Highly Polished Stainless Steel Will Not Tarnish, Fade Or Rust Trim Rings Only Easy "Bolt-On" Installation Takes Just Minutes Sold As A (4) Piece Set Made In The USA Dress up your Corvette with our Polished Stainless Steel, Taillight Trim Rings. These trim pieces are designed to fit all 1997-2004 Corvettes over the rear brake lights and add a clean stylish look to your Corvette exterior. Learn More
$110.99 Set
1997-2013 Corvette Spark Plug Wire Set Livewires Part # 25-114516-1
Our Best Hi-Performance Wire Set Fits 1997-04 LS1, LS6 Fits 2005-2007 LS2 Fits 2006-2011 LS7 Fits 2008-2011 LS2 Livewires™ are absolutely feature loaded. The 8mm silicone jacketed wires are covered with a space age, heat resistant sleeving that provides protection up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. Each wire has a silicone jacket between the boot and sleeving to keep dirt and moisture away from the wire terminals, plus each wire is numbered for easy installation. Livewires™ have a spiral wound core to prevent annoying radio noise.   Learn More
$161.99 Set
Antique Automobile Radio Chevy Bluetooth Adapter Kit Part # 25-342138-1
Bluetooth® v2.1 + EDR With Built-in NFC Simple Pairing Function Quick And Easy Installation Can Be Quickly Moved Between Your Daily Driver And YourWeekend Car Provides Hans-Free Function For Your Phone, Includes Built-In Microphone Has A 5 Volt, 2.1 AMP USB Charging Port For Phones And Other Devices Includes Panel Mout AUX Input Jack For Easy Accessibility 10 Meter (30 Feet) Range Input Voltage: 12-24 V. Negative Ground Only Supports Up To 5 Phone Connections (Connects To The Last One Paired) Stream Music From Any Compatible Phone Or Tablet Allows any Bluetooth-enabled product to connect to your Antique Automobile Radio stereo system.  Quick and easy installation allows you to move the Antique Automobile Radio Bluetooth Adapter Kit between vehicles so you can enjoy your music and hands free calling anytime. Learn More
$48.99 Kit
1997-2004 Corvette Brake Caliper Set Z06 Style Red Part # 25-161858-1
High Performance Caliper Upgrade Provides "Red Hot" Performance Look Retro Fit For Any C5 Bolt-On Installation Stock Replacement For Z06 Includes 2 Front & 2 Rear AC Delco Red Z06 Calipers Fits All 1997-2004 Corvette Coupes & Convertibles, 2001-2004 Z06 Made In The USA Your factory C5 Corvette came with aluminum calipers.  if you are fortunate enough to have a Z06, it came with bright red aluminum calipers.  If you want the performance look of the Z06, you can now upgrade your standard 1997-2004 Corvette coupe or convertible with these red high performance Z06 aluminum calipers.  They are a direct bolt-on in place of your factory calipers and require no modifications.  Trust Eckler's Corvette for all your C5 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, or 2004 Corvette or 2001, 2002, 2003, or 2004 Z06 performance, accessory, upgrade, and restoration parts.   NOTE: Installation will require brake bleeding.   Learn More
$673.99 Set
1997-2004 Corvette Third Brake Light Pulser Kit Part # 25-190490-1
"Delay-Repeat" Circuitry Provides Great Visual Display Plug & Play Installation No Adjustments Required Your Corvette is low and not always seen by the driver behind you. This module can give you an extra measure of safety. These devices are full "Plug-N-Play" harnesses that simply plug into your existing center high mount brake light. There are no wires to cut and no adjustments to make. The module automatically pulses your third brake light when you apply the brakes. The light will pulsate on and off for about a second, then stay on steady for as long as you press the brake pedal. The unit is designed to create a gentle fluttering of light, so your car is more noticeable, yet it doesn't aggravate the driver behind you. The "Delay-Repeat" circuit means the brake lights have to be off for at least 15 seconds before the cycle can be restarted. So, if you are in bumper-to-bumper traffic, the brake light isn't always pulsing. Learn More
$76.99 Kit
"The System" 1, Speaker Upgrade Kit Part # 25-315057-1
Aluminum Subwoofer Enclosure With 8" Woofer 3 Channel Amplifier Two 3" Mid Tweeter Satellite Speakers With Die Cast Housings Remote Bass Level Control Amplifier Installation Kit 150 Watt Subwoofer 2 X 50 Watt Mid Tweeters Can Be Hooked Up To Any Radio With Speaker Level Or RCA Inputs "The System"  solves the age old problem of where to put speakers in classics, customs and streetrods. "The System"  allows you to keep the integrity of your vehicle intact yet enjoy quality sound like many of us have in our new cars. Satellite speakers look like AC vents and can be mounted under the dash, on the kickpanels or even the back package tray. The woofer is optimally mounted under the seat but can be mounted in the trunk if space requires it. Flat active aluminum subwoofer enclosure with 8"  woofer plus 3-channel amplifier. Two 3"  mid-tweeter satellite speakers in die cast metal housings. Remote bass level control. Amplifier installation kit included. Amplifier power: 150 watt subwoofer / 2x50 watt mid / tweeter. Can be hooked up to any radio with speaker level or RCA inputs. Learn More
$279.99 Kit
Corvette Taillight Louver & Rear License Plate Frame Set, Altec Phantom, Painted Factory Colors, 1997-2004 Part # 25-172480-1
Painted To Match Body Color Buy The Set & Save These 3-dimensional ABS license plate frame & taillight louvers are color match with urethane enamel. Fasteners included. Learn More
$148.99 Set
Auto Custom Carpet, Carpet Set, Molded, Tru-Vette| 534338 Corvette Coupe 1997-2004 Part # 25-240987-1
Reproduction Of Mass Back Tru-Vette Carpet Carpet Has Original Style Heel Pad & Bindings Includes Front & Rear 1998-04 Oak Pictured NOTE:  1997-1999 Firethorn Red Is Also Known As Dark Carmine Red   Learn More
$666.99 Set
1997-2004 Corvette Screen Kit 6 Piece Stainless Steel Part # 25-321127-1
Made In USA Simple Installation Installation takes about 1.5 hours for complete set. Dress up your 1997-2004 C5 or Z06 Corvette with this Stainless Steel 6 piece screen set. Includes: (2)Front Brake Duct Screens (2)Side Fender Cover Screens (2)Rear Bumper Screens NOTE: NOTE: Z06(Fog Light) Front Screens sold separately. Learn More
$102.99 ea.
1997-2013 Corvette Firecore 50 Performance Spark Plug Wire Set Part # 25-251494-1
Exceeds OEM Specs Fits All 2005-2011 Engines Real Horsepower Gains Compatible With OEM Electronics Heat Resistant To 600° Outer Core Is A Copper/Nickel Alloy Wrap Inner Core Is Ferrite Compound Which Absorbs All RFI Emmissions Center Core Is Aramid Fibers For Maximum Strength Dual Crimped Terminals & Special Braid Wrap Proven race technology for street,strip or road racing, these wires will gain real horsepower in mid range over stock wire sets. Compatible with OEM electronics including radios & OBD 11 you will not have any problems. Used by the pros such as Schumacher Racing, you can expect the most out of this set of sparkplug wires. They exceed all OEM specifications . Learn More
$161.99 Set
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