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Buying a Corvette is a big investment and you want to protect it from the elements and daily wear. Taking a few simple preventative steps will preserve the look of your Corvette and allow your pride to show through. Eckler's has put together some of those simple non-mechanical products that every Corvette owner should implement.


Regular waxing will extend the life of your Corvette’s paint and give it that head-turning, glossy showroom finish you always wanted.

Auto Chaps

Protect your Corvette's leather seats, designed to slip over your seat and protect your bolsters from the every day entry rub.

Sill Plate Cover

Sill Plate Covers protect the stock door sills guards from scratches and scuff marks.

K&N Air Filter

Upgrading your air filter increases air flow, improves power and mileage, more efficient for a longer period of time than stock filters.

Gas Guard

Protect your Corvette's finish caused by fuel drips and scratches caused by gas pumps.

Door Handle Guard

Protect your Corvette's finish from scratches and clips caused by keys and jewelry.

Car Covers

Car covers are an essential protection against dirt, dust, UV rays, heat, rain, bird droppings and several other things.


Create a barrier between the road and your Corvette. Masks safeguard your front-end's finish from rocks, bugs and debris.


Floor mats act as a protective barrier between the flooring and potential stains from dirt, rocks, grease and spills.

Seat Towels

Protect your leather from damage due to UV rays, sweat and day-to-day, in and out wear.